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90% Of Russians Do Not Know What The Metaverse Is

90% Of Russians Do Not Know What The Metaverse Is

The bulk of Russians – 90% – do not know what a metaverse is. Every fifth has heard this term but does not understand it (23%), another third consider the metaverses to be harmful.

The respondents aged 18–24 and 25–34 years old are most familiar with the term (17% each). Among those over 60 years old, only 5% know about the metaverses. There are twice as many men who are aware of them as women (15% versus 7%),  RBC reported , citing the results of a study by VCIOM.

The survey participants were 1.6 thousand people over the age of 18. “For this sample, the maximum error size with a probability of 95% does not exceed 2.5%,” the center added.

Among those surveyed, 27% would like to visit the metaverse as their digital copy. Most people interested in such an experience are among young people aged 18–24 (56%). And 69% of the respondents were not interested in such an experiment.

Respondents with an understanding of the metaverse were more likely to say that they would be interested in getting into a virtual environment, compared to those respondents who do not understand this term or hear it for the first time (39, 29 and 24%, respectively).

Russians aged 35–44 are confident that the creation of metaverses will do more harm than good (45%). Among the consequences, they named a departure from reality (37%), lack of live communication (11%), degradation (9%), fraud (6%).

On the contrary, those surveyed, declaring the benefits of metaverses, believe that they provide more opportunities for communication (14%), broaden their horizons (13%), simplify the search for information and testify to technological progress (8% each).

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Every fifth respondent expressed the opinion that the creation of metaverses will bring benefit and harm in equal measure – 19%, and 18% believe that there will be no harm or benefit from this phenomenon.

In January, ESET conducted a study among 1.1 thousand people over 18 years old from Russian cities with a population of 1 million people and above. According to the results of the work, 82% of them interpreted this concept as “a digital world that combines physical, augmented and virtual realities.”

Every ninth survey participant was sure that the metaverse is an unreal fantasy world. Some associate the concept of the metaverse exclusively with the world of online games.

The metaverse concept gained a lot of attention last year when Facebook announced that it would be changing its name to Meta in October. You can find out which industries will benefit from the development of the metaverses  here , and about the main component of virtual worlds here .


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