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Death Stranding Without Planes – Hideo Kojima And Yoji Shinkawa Answered The Fans

Death Stranding Without Planes - Hideo Kojima And Yoji Shinkawa Answered The Fans
505 Games  hosted a Q&A session with  Hideo Kojima  and Yoji Shinkawa of  Kojima Productions , during which the developers talked about  Death Stranding and more.
Note that questions were accepted from the community. We collected the most interesting in a short form:
Question: what is the secret of the long and fruitful collaboration between Kojima and Shinkawa?
Answer: Kojima and Shinkawa share the same inspiration and passion, but they have different feelings and mindsets.
Question: why was this type of multiplayer chosen for Death Stranding (note co-building and helping other players)?
Answer: Kojima thought it would be nice to make multiplayer where there would be no losers – each participant is already a winner. By the way, Kojima himself is not very good at online battles.
Q: How much control does Kojima have over Shinkawa’s work?
Answer: First, Kojima explains the story and expectations, after which Shinkawa begins to draw. Then Kojima evaluates the work and, if something does not fit, then the developers begin to work on the idea together. By the way, Kojima is still inspired by Shinkawa’s “doodles”, which he notices in his office.
Question: In terms of game design, how does Death Stranding manage to encourage players to build and still create an unparalleled feeling of happiness and satisfaction from doing so?
Answer: Usually users get something useful for their efforts/success in games, but Kojima originally wanted Death Stranding players to get nothing but likes. At first, the team did not understand this idea, but after it turned out that the created system really works.
Kojima also wanted players who feel grateful for their help in Death Stranding to be able to go outside and feel grateful for the real bridges and roads that were also built by someone.

Q: How did Kojima personally influence Sam? What did you put into it?
Answer: Every creator influences their creativity in some way, but Kojima didn’t reveal specific details.
Q:  Why are there no planes in Death Stranding?
Answer: there is also a lot of chiralia in the sky, so there are no satellites, planes and other aircraft.
Q: Do the developers look at fan art? Are they inspired?
Answer: During the character design phase, developers think of cosplayers with different abilities and backgrounds. They want the characters to fall in love, want to cosplay or draw them.
Q: What character was Shinkawa most interested in creating in Death Stranding? 
Answer: my favorite, perhaps, is Clifford Unger, played by Mads Mikkelsen. Shinkawa also admitted that it was not easy for him to complete work on Sam’s design.
Q: Favorite Kojima character?
Answer: Lu. Kojima noted that he enjoyed working on building the relationship between Lou and Sam/players – without a single word from the former. He even put Lou’s photo on his phone wallpaper. But if you take into account the history of the character, then he would choose Hartman. Kojima thought he might even do a spin-off with Hartman.
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