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Dell’s New Rechargeable Stylus Has Built-in Tracking

Dell's New Rechargeable Stylus Has Built-in Tracking

Dell’s new stylus, the Premier Rechargeable Active Pen, has an interesting feature that makes it easier to find a lost stylus. It features built-in search technology provided by Tile, which means you can use the company’s object tracking app to make the stylus buzz and flash its LEDs to help you find it when it’s nearby. If you lose it elsewhere, Tile says its app will be able to show its last known location and use its network to track it.

The stylus is Tile’s latest attempt to bring its tracking technology to third-party devices. They have been working with Intel for several years to track down lost laptops. Its tracking technology can also be found in headphones from Sennheiser and Skullcandy, smartwatches from Fitbit, and even a dog collar from Qalo.

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