Disney Urges Star Wars Fans To ‘Don’t Be Racist’

Disney Urges Star Wars Fans To 'Don't Be Racist'

Representatives of Lucasfilm , which is owned by Disney , urged Star Wars fans on Twitter  not to “be racist”.

The post comes amid criticism of actress  Moses Ingram , who plays Inquisitor Reva in the Obi-Wan Kenobi series . She  said that she received a lot of negative comments regarding the racial issue. At the same time, Ingram thanked those fans who defend her honor in return.

Lucasfilm noted that it would resist such sentiment among the audience:

There are over 20 million sentient beings in the Star Wars universe, don’t be racist.

However, not everyone approved of the studio’s position – many viewers noted that it was not Ingram’s skin color at all, but the image of her heroine, which seemed unsuccessful to users. Others simply did not appreciate her acting work.

As a counterexample, viewers named other dark-skinned characters in the universe who never embarrassed them in the past – like Lando or Mace Windu . Some brought back to Disney their own sins of this kind when the studio removed Finn (John Boyega) from the poster for the seventh episode of the saga in China.

Meanwhile, the third episode  of Kenobi will be released on Disney+ tomorrow, June 1st.

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