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Fujitsu Hits Major Technical Milestone With World’s Fastest Quantum Simulator

Fujitsu Hits Major Technical Milestone With World's Fastest Quantum Simulator

Fujitsu has successfully developed the world’s fastest quantum computer simulator capable of processing 36-qubit quantum circuits on a cluster system including the Fujitsu PRIMEHPC FX 700 supercomputer, equipped with the same A64FX processor as the world’s fastest Fugaku supercomputer.

The newly developed quantum simulator can run the “Qulacs” quantum simulator software in parallel at high speed, achieving about twice the performance of other important quantum simulators in 36-qubit quantum operations. Fujitsu’s new quantum simulator will serve as an important link in the development of quantum computing applications that are expected to find practical applications in the coming years. Based on this breakthrough, from April 1, 2022, Fujitsu and Fujifilm Corporation will start collaborative research on quantum computing applications in materials science.

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