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G.Skill Introduces 6800 MHz DDR5 Trident Z5 Memories

G.Skill Introduces 6800 MHz DDR5 Trident Z5 Memories

As DDR5 approaches 10.000 MHz memory step by step, high-performance memory is starting to appear on the market.

Memory manufacturer G.Skill is the latest Intel 12. it has released high-speed DDR5 memories for next-generation Alder Lake processors and Z690 motherboards. The memory kits, which offer frequencies as high as 6800 MHz, are based on the company’s high-end Trident Z5 family.

The DDR5-6800 RAMS do not offer timings like the CL36, similar to those in the recently announced DDR5-6600 kits. G.Skill sells Trident Z5 DDR5-6800 32GB (2x16GB) memory kits in two different ways. Modules using Samsung integrated circuits (ics) were rated 38-38-38-76, and modules with Hynix ICS were rated 42-42-42-76. Unfortunately, G.Skill did not disclose the DRAM voltage for both memory kits, but we expect that at least 1.25V will remain constant on the DDR5-6800.

G.Skill Introduces 6800 MHz DDR5 Trident Z5 Memories

The DDR5-6600 memory kit offers a high memory bandwidth of up to 52.8 Gbps, while the DDR5-6800 memory kit reaches 54.4 Gbps with a 3.8% improvement. If we look at the singular access latency, the DDR5-6800 C38 memory kit is at 11.2ns, while the C42 variant is slightly higher at 12.4ns. For reference, the latency of the DDR5-6600 C36 memory kit is up to 10.9ns.

The Trident Z5 DDR5-6800 memory kits we are waiting for take advantage of Intel’s XMP 3.0 technology. Let’s remind you that XMP 3.0 now supports up to five XMP profiles, two of which can be customized by the user.

G.Skill did not share the availability or price information of the Trident Z5 DDR5-6800 RAMS. The manufacturer supports DDR5 memories, such as Corsair, with a limited lifetime warranty, but some vendors, such as TeamGroup, have reduced the warranty period to three years.

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