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Google Confirms $5.4B Acquisition of Dynamic Cyber Defense Leader Mandiant

Google Confirms .4B Acquisition of Dynamic Cyber Defense Leader Mandiant

Google has decided to strengthen its position in the field of cybersecurity and join the Google Cloud “leader in the field of dynamic cyber defense and response” Mandiant for $5.4 billion (i.e. $23 per share).

The corporate press center  reports that the acquisition of Mandiant will expand the capabilities of the company’s existing data security products, including BeyondCorp Enterprise, VirusTotal, Chronicle’s, Security Command Center, and others.

“A recognized leader in strategic security consulting and incident response,” Mandiant provides the world’s largest organizations with real-time threat intelligence.

The company also has a range of cybersecurity analytics solutions (such as Mandiant Security Validation) and security automation tools (such as Mandiant’s Automated Defense).

Together with Mandiant experts, the Google Cloud team will provide enterprises around the world with adequate protection and advanced threat intelligence at every stage of the lifecycle, from consultation to automation and “managed protection”.

“Organizations around the world are facing unprecedented cybersecurity challenges as the complexity and severity of attacks grow: methods that were previously only used for government purposes are now being used in business, in virtually every industry,” said Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud.

Mandiant CEO Kevin Mandia also said he was happy to work with Google during this “most critical time in cybersecurity.”

The deal, however, still needs to be completed: Mandiant’s shareholders and regulatory approvals are ahead.

The merger is expected to end by the end of 2022.

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