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Google named the best Chrome extensions of 2021

Google named the best Chrome extensions of 2021

Chrome has a ton of useful features integrated, making it the most popular browser in the world in part. Nevertheless, installing some extensions can make the Internet even easier and more convenient. If users have not yet formed their own ideas, they can use the list proposed by Google itself – the company named the best extensions of 2021.

It should be noted that not all of them came out exactly in the outgoing year. The options are marked that Google considered relevant right now. The company has listed several basic categories:

Communication and cooperation:

Loom – allows you to record screen, voice or video from the integrated camera to send short messages instead of text;

Mote – allows you to record and add voice messages to Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, Forms, Classroom and Gmail, as well as other applications and third-party sites;

WordTune – allows you to optimize your communication by paraphrasing sentences and looking for typos.

Google named the best Chrome extensions of 2021


Forest – brings a game element to the workflow. Wanting to concentrate on work, the user “plants” a virtual tree. If in the process of work he is distracted by sites from the black list, the tree dies;

Dark Reader – protects the eyes, allowing you to turn on the dark mode;

Tab Manager Plus – a convenient tab manager according to Google;

Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder is a screenshot manager.

Google named the best Chrome extensions of 2021


Virtual training:

Kami – allows you to create an interactive space for teachers and students;

InsertLearning – Helps you take notes easily and integrates with Google Classroom;

Toucan – helps you learn a foreign language by simply browsing the sites you already know. Automatically translates individual words in sentences on the site, allowing, taking into account the context, to learn a language almost imperceptibly;

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Rememberry – helps you learn foreign words and phrases by highlighting and translating individual fragments of a foreign text. Unfamiliar words can be saved to create special flashcards for later repetition.

Google named the best Chrome extensions of 2021



Stylus – helps you create and install custom themes for your favorite sites;

Rakuten – Automatically searches for coupons, discounts and the best cashback options.

Google named the best Chrome extensions of 2021

A source: blog.google

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