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GTA: San Andreas VR Version Is Coming

GTA: San Andreas VR Version Is Coming

Rockstar Games continues to innovate for its older games. And now the VR version of GTA: San Andreas is coming out.

Rockstar Games, which has released the GTA: Trilogy version, is also taking a step forward in VR. According to the details relayed by the Facebook CEO, the VR version of the game will be coming.

It seems that the Trilogy Remastered, which Rockstar is preparing for the classic Grand Theft Auto games, will not come alone. Facebook Thursday during the Facebook Connect live stream, Mark Zuckerberg announced that San Andreas has received a VR update. Zuckerberg said, “The new version of the game, which I think is one of the best games ever made, will give players a completely new way to experience this iconic open world in virtual reality.” said.

The Oculus blog calls it a “years-long project”,. But San Andreas does not yet have any screenshots or videos where there is officially a VR mode.

For the first time ever, a Grand Theft Auto game is being officially developed for VR. GTA and Rockstar aside; earlier this year, the mod makers made all of Red Dead Redemption 2 playable in VR. In addition, the same situation is october for GTA 5. If you want to play the games this way, you need to download the mods.

Let’s see how will the official San Andreas VR version that Rockstar is developing for Oculus Quest 2 be like?

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