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How To Get A Horse In Medieval Dynasty

How To Get A Horse In Medieval Dynasty

Perhaps the most “stuffy” element of Medieval Dynasty is the sluggishness and low carrying capacity of the protagonist. And even if you built your town at the optimal point , you still have to walk a lot. Therefore, very soon the desire to either acquire a mount or quit the game begins to appear. We tell what to do to those who chose the first option of action.

The good news is that there are two types of mounts available to you. The bad one is the so-called endgame content, that is, it will take a lot of time to acquire them. But first things first.

How To Get A Horse In Medieval Dynasty

How to build a stable in Medieval Dynasty

The first thing you need to do is build a stable (it’s in the Farming tab of the build wheel). For this you will need:

  1. 2000 farming points to open the building (pumped by work in the field ).
  2. 48 logs.
  3. 48 units of straw.
  4. 5 boards.

Once you have this building, you can finally buy mounts. Do not forget that you will need to assign a villager to maintain the stable, provide it with food and pay a tax (50 gold per year).

How To Get A Horse In Medieval Dynasty

Your further actions depend on whether you need a horse right now or you want to invest in animal breeding. In the first case, you need to buy only one individual, and in the second, at least two heterosexual ones.

How to buy a mount in Medieval Dynasty

Donkeys in Medieval Dynasty

The best choice for those who are on a budget and who need to carry a large amount of cargo. Ideal for extracting resources and transporting them home, as well as for trading.

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Where to buy: Tutki.

Cost: approximately 2500 coins for a foal and about 3500 for an adult.

Basic load capacity: 30 kg.

Life span: 31 years (125 seasons).

How To Get A Horse In Medieval Dynasty

Horses at Medieval Dynasty

An option for players who need speed, not cargo capacity. Well, for those who want to win back a noble gentleman.

Where to buy: Hornitsa.

Cost: approximately 5,000 coins for a foal and around 10,000 for an adult.

Basic load capacity: 25 kg.

Life span: 31 years (125 seasons).

How To Get A Horse In Medieval Dynasty

How mounts work in Medieval Dynasty

It will be possible to use horses and donkeys for riding only when they grow up, but this happens after a year and a half. Of course, you can immediately buy an adult and not suffer from breeding animals, but this will cost a much larger amount of gold.

In addition, in order to ride a horse, you need a saddle. It can be obtained in three ways:

  1. Make on a sewing machine.
  2. Found in barrels, sacks, and rogue camps.
  3. Buy from Leonard, who lives in Hornitz. All other “accessories” can also be purchased there: horseshoes(increase the speed and reduce the stamina consumption of the horse) and saddle bags (increase the carrying capacity).

You can also increase the carrying capacity of donkeys and horses using the Carrot and Stick perk, endurance – Skillful Rider , speed – Night Rider. The skill will also be useful. “Very well done whistle” , with which you can summon a horse. At the maximum pumping, you will cross the terrain at almost speed runner speeds.


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