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How To Remove Yourself From The Internet

How To Remove Yourself From The Internet

Kaspersky Lab named a way to remove personal data from the network

To prevent personal information from falling into the hands of hackers, you can simply erase it from the Internet. learned several ways to “delete yourself” from the network.

Deleting the virtual self

There are several methods for removing personal data from the Internet. One of them is to file a complaint with Roskomnadzor in the “Generate an appeal” section.

One of the department’s responsibilities is to protect the rights of personal data subjects. It should be borne in mind that the complaint may be rejected due to incorrect formatting or disputed data.

“In order to use it, you need to collect links that contain information. Write a request for the removal of information indicating the reason. Attach to it a list of links, your passport details, contacts and consent to the processing of personal data,” Anatoly Sazonov, a leading specialist in the audit department of Infosecurity a Softline Company, told

After that, all the collected documents must be sent to search services using a special form for such requests – each search engine has its own form. Next, the service considers the appeal and makes a decision. Unwanted information from the issue must be removed within 10 days.

According to Sazonov, this method has one drawback – removal from search engine results does not mean removal of information from the Internet. Deleting your pages on social networks also does not guarantee that personal data will disappear from the network.

“Various reputation management agencies will help to make the task of deleting information about yourself much easier. At the same time, the choice of an agency should be approached carefully and with caution,” Sazonov advised.

One way to remove information from an existing resource is to contact the administration and ask them to remove unwanted data, said Anna Larkina, an expert on data privacy at Kaspersky Lab.

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At the same time, of course, you should not turn to hackers or go to shadow forums to solve such a problem: no one will give guarantees here, besides, the user risks the safety of his data and his money, ”Larkina believes.

The expert also stressed that when deleting data about yourself, it is important to determine what exactly needs to be “cleaned up”. “Only by evaluating the scale of the “problem” can one choose the most relevant way to solve it,” concluded the Kaspersky Lab specialist.

In practice, everything is different

Meanwhile, practice shows that it is completely impossible to delete data, Pavel Korostelev, head of the security code company’s product promotion department, told

“If something got on the Internet, it is impossible to remove it from there. The best way to remove information about yourself from the Internet is not to post anything there. If you do this, you must be prepared for the fact that you will no longer be able to remove it from there, ”said Korostelev.

The peculiarity of the digital space is that any information that gets on the Internet really remains there forever, Sergey Zolotukhin, Group-IB computer forensics coach, confirmed.

“Even if the information is formally deleted, you will never know that someone accidentally or intentionally made a copy of it or shared it in the information space, whether it remained on the disks of servers in data centers, and so on. It is impossible to control information that has ended up in the digital environment in any way, therefore, behind the promises of using “kulaks” or attracting “supervisions”, there is often a desire to extort money or, at least, mislead,” Zolotukhin concluded.

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