John DiMaggio Couldn’t Get More Money Out Of Hulu And Disney

John DiMaggio Couldn't Get More Money Out Of Hulu And Disney

In February , it became known that Hulu will release 20 more new episodes of the cult animated series Futurama in 2023 . But at that time, John DiMaggio, who gave voice to the absurd robot Bender, had not yet given his consent to participate in the sequel. He was sure that the actors were underpaid. And only on March 1, Bender’s voice announced a return to work.

Alas, almost a month’s delay did not help DiMaggio achieve an increase in fees. He spoke about this in an interview with Film . He noted that colleagues thanked him for drawing attention to this problem, but this time he had to be content with a portion of recognition and respect, and not an increase in the fee.

Trying to get money from Disney is like squeezing blood out of a stone – it’s useless!

According to the actor, in the end, all negotiations came down to a choice: “have a delicious Thanksgiving dinner or stay out in the rain, watching others eat through the window .” Hulu was ready to return to Futurama without him. A “guest voice” was even considered as an option: in each episode, Bender would be voiced by a different guest actor.

But listen, there were good moments in this fight: I was able to pin Disney and Hulu. I squeezed their collective testicles so tightly that they simply had nowhere to go! But I also had nowhere to go, and I couldn’t always stand and hold on to them, you understand?

DiMaggio has already joined a well-known team: Billy West, Katey Sagal, Tress MacNeil, Maurice LaMarche, Lauren Tom, Phil LaMarr and David Herman have returned to work on the sequel. All of them also deserve an increase in fees, DiMaggio is sure.

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