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Justice League Zach Snyder topped the top of Kinopoisk for 2021

Justice League Zach Snyder topped the top of Kinopoisk for 2021

Kinopoisk summed up the results of 2021, naming the most popular TV series and films among viewers – the top was headed by Zach Snyder’s Justice League.

In total, subscribers spent more than a billion hours watching various projects – however, without taking into account the rent and purchase of tapes and shows.

The top for the year itself is based on the number of subscribers who watched the movie, TV series or animated series in the first four weeks from the date of the premiere on the service. Subscribers who appreciated more than two minutes of the project were taken into account, and new seasons of the series, which also appeared in 2021, were also included in the top.

Top most popular projects

  1. Justice League Zach Snyder;
  2. “Human Wrath”;
  3. Major Thunder: The Plague Doctor;
  4. “The Little Humpbacked Horse”;
  5. “Major. Film”;
  6. “Food block”;
  7. Rick and Morty;
  8. “Swamp”;
  9. “Fire”;
  10. Raya and the Last Dragon;
  11. “Unprincipled”;
  12. “Soul”;
  13. Cruella;
  14. “Koschey. Start”;
  15. “Tom and Jerry”;
  16. “I am not kidding”;
  17. “Argument”;
  18. Anna Nikolaevna project;
  19. “Nastya, pull yourself together!”;
  20. “The tread of chaos.”

The League was watched by more than 2 million subscribers, and 12 projects, including Topi , Human Wrath , Major Thunder: The Plague Doctor , The Little Humpbacked Horse , Major. Film ” and so on.

The popularity of Russian products on the service has grown by 16% over the year, with Major Grom taking the first place among such projects. And the TV series with the dubbing of the studio “Cubic in Cuba” was most often watched by “Golyak” – 890 thousand viewers.

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The animated series “Rick and Morty” lasted the longest in the first place of the top for a year, for five whole months. In addition, it was most often viewed from a mobile application – over a million viewers.

For the year, subscribers spent more than 25 million hours watching Supernatural , and The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring became the most reviewed film . Many more watched both parts of Frozen and the episode Indiana Jones’ Revenge from The Big Bang Theory.

Almost 60% of the time, subscribers watched content through the application for TV, consoles and Yandex. By the way, today the application has appeared on the PS5. In addition, in the application itself, we added personal statistics of users for the year.

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