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Matrix Awakens Turned Into a Superman Game Demo

Matrix Awakens Turned Into a Superman Game Demo
A netizen named Volod showed what a Superman game could look like using the  Unreal Engine 5 toolkit .
To create a short video with a flight , the author used the developments from the  Matrix Awakens techno-demo tech-demo , taking the local model of the city and the environment as a model. And then he added a hero with Superman’s flight capabilities.
The author said that if he manages to include interesting gameplay mechanics to the flight system, he will release a demo for the public, but so far the creator is working with various technical problems that arose during the creation of the test.
The last major official Superman game came out in 2006 – later the hero appeared in other projects ( Injustice ), but his solo story has not appeared since then. The character will next appear as one of the antagonists in  Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League , which was recently pushed back to 2023 .
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