Not A Cliffhanger – A Single Shadow The Hedgehog Will Appear In Sonic Movie 3

Not A Cliffhanger - A Single Shadow The Hedgehog Will Appear In Sonic Movie 3

Shadow the Hedgehog will appear in the Sonic Movie triquel – and even though the finale of the second part indicated this, screenwriters Patrick Casey and Josh Miller confirmed this information during KCC Comic Con 2022 .

However, they noted that the presence of the character does not at all mean borrowing plot elements from Sonic Adventure 2, where the character first appeared, as well as his disastrous “solo” in the face of Shadow The Hedgehog .

Here, the analogy with the second tape is obvious, which partially borrowed elements of the story of Sonic and Tails’ acquaintance with Knuckles, shown in Sonic The Hedgehog 3. Either the writers want to keep the intrigue, or they are dissatisfied with the work of their colleagues from the gaming industry and want to rewrite history.

Recall that “Sonic Movie 3” was announced shortly before the premiere of the tape, and quite formally. So far, the composition of the people working on the picture, as well as its release date, is unknown. According to some reports, the premiere may take place in 2024.

And the scriptwriters really hope that Jim Carrey will repeat his role again, since the creators do not intend to look for another actor.

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