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Rumor: New Fable Team Has Engine Issues, But Don’t Worry

Rumor: New Fable Team Has Engine Issues, But Don't Worry

Game On Daily founder Gaz , citing his source, said that the scale of the new Fable had to be reduced due to problems with the engine.

At the same time, Gaz emphasized that Fable has not become smaller. We are talking about project scoping – a process in which the scope and capabilities of the game are determined. Usually scoping is carried out before active development.

According to Gaz, the use of Forzatech prevented Playground Games from implementing the developed game mechanics. The company had no experience with such mechanics in the open world, so they decided to expand the team. Apparently, the new Fable is still far from being released, but “there’s nothing to worry about.”

Later, the senior producer of the new Fable was quick to reassure gamers, noting that scoping is a normal development stage that various AAA projects regularly go through. In this way, teams can focus on a clear vision of the game, meeting deadlines and avoiding crunches.

Gaz himself also decided to clarify his earlier statement, which managed to upset some users. According to him, many have distorted his news, so he no longer wants to share information live. He also believes in Playground Games and believes that only they can create a truly epic Fable.

In March of this year, a former Playground employee who worked on the new Fable for three years spoke about the protracted development of the project.

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