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The Authors of Fortnite Hint At The Season of Star Wars and Darth Vader

The Authors of Fortnite Hint At The Season of Star Wars and Darth Vader
At the end of March, Fortnite launched the second season of the third chapter called “Uprising”. He added a number of new features and capabilities to the game, including a special mode in which there is no building. But the developers are already hard at work preparing new updates for the next seasons.
Epic Games Chief Creative Officer Donald Mustard posted pixelated photos of Chewbacca and C-3PO and part of the Star Wars AT-AT Ultimate Collector’s Series Lego set on his social media. But these hints, if they are hints, could refer to the announced collaboration between the Lego Group and Epic Games .
Another source of hints was the broadcast of Epic Games, dedicated to the new demo of Unreal Engine 5. At some point, a monitor with a Fortnite workspace appeared on the screen. And viewers were attracted by an open directory with files, probably related to upcoming updates.
The list included, in particular, the name C3S3_VADER: judging by the prefix, these could be developments for the third season of the third chapter. It is likely that players are really waiting for a Star Wars theme or at least a Darth Vader skin. So far, Kylo Ren in a reforged helmet and Zori Bliss have appeared in the game, among others.
In addition to Darth Vader, a number of other references were found on the list: Doom , Family Guy , Kratos, LeBron, Loki, Master Chief, NBA and others. Perhaps all this will appear in the game sooner or later. But there is a possibility that the players were simply deliberately thrown up with topics for discussion that have nothing to do with real plans.
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