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The Matrix Resurrection will not be the start of a new trilogy of films

The Matrix Resurrection will not be the start of a new trilogy of films

Lana Wachowski denied rumors that The Matrix Resurrection could be the beginning of a new trilogy of films.

Wachowski initially tried to turn the journalists’ question into a joke, referring to the producers, but then a clear “no” was still sounded.

Earlier in the interview, we talked about the fact that the authors of the original “Matrix”, in principle, did not want to create another film in the series. However, grief over the loss of his parents pushed Wachowski to a story about two people “coming back to life”, which eventually became the basis of “Resurrection”.
On average, viewers ‘and critics’ assessments of the film turned out to be restrained, but often diametrically opposite opinions are voiced – someone calls the picture a “success”, while for others it turned out to be a “failure”.

The film now has 65 points from professional reviewers on Metacritic (44 reviews) and 6 points from viewers (8 reviews). On RottenTomatoes , the feed has 70% “freshness” according to 137 journalist estimates – the opinion of ordinary users has not yet been added.

By the way, today, December 22, The Matrix Resurrection was released on HBO Max – this is the last film by Warner Bros. in the year, the release of which took place in the “hybrid” form of rental.

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