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The Ministry of Digital Transformation Will Protect Russian Banks From DDoS Attacks From Abroad

The Ministry of Digital Transformation Will Protect Russian Banks From DDoS Attacks From Abroad

The Ministry of Digital Development has offered banks assistance in combating DDoS attacks that come from abroad. To do this, the Central Bank (CB) collects information from credit institutions about their systems, which are being attacked.

The Ministry of Digital Development is ready to help banks with filtering foreign traffic to combat attacks, RBC reported , citing a letter from the Central Bank sent to credit institutions.

The Central Bank asks banks interested in assistance from the Ministry of Digital Development to send it information about information systems that are subject to the threat of DDoS attacks. The Ministry of Digital Development decided to help against the backdrop of increasing cases of DDoS attacks on the websites of financial organizations, as well as other critical information infrastructure, the letter states.

“The Ministry of Digital Transformation organizes work to filter foreign traffic using technical means of countering threats, and also conducts interdepartmental coordination work in the new conditions,” the ministry said.

The Central Bank noted that it is taking various measures to provide additional support to banks in countering computer attacks, including cleaning up incoming traffic. Measures are being taken to prevent violations of the availability of their resources, the regulator said.

According to cybersecurity experts, the banking sector is currently experiencing a fourfold increase in attacks compared to February 2022. So, for the whole of February, about 100 DDoS attacks were recorded on banks, since the beginning of March – about 400, said Yegor Valov, head of the WAF and Anti-DDoS directions at Rostelecom-Solar.

According to him, DDoS attacks are currently mainly carried out from abroad using botnets. However, there are attacks from the territory of the Russian Federation. According to Valov, they are carried out through hacked Russian VPN servers, the addresses of which are distributed in Telegram chats by hacker activists.

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The expert believes that the initiative of the Ministry of Digital Development may be appropriate for many banks and will reduce the power of foreign attacks.

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