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The Most Powerful Botnet That Performs DDoS Attacks Has Been Discovered

The Most Powerful Botnet That Performs DDoS Attacks Has Been Discovered

A new powerful botnet carrying out DDoS attacks has been discovered. The detected botnet is the most powerful botnet in the history of the Internet. According to StormWall, the maximum attack power of the botnet is 2 Tbit per second. This is a record among all available botnet attacks. The new botnet has 49,000 devices. These devices consist of servers only.

There are no computers or mobile devices among them. The attacks carried out by this botnet are of a standard nature and are mainly aimed at the gaming sector.

The detected botnet is able to carry out attacks on UDP, TCP and HTTP protocols. According to StormWall, hackers have been using the botnet for more than a month, and experts are launching powerful attacks on Russian companies every day.

The botnet is of Spanish origin and can be purchased online for $ 2,500 for 2 days. This new botnet is more dangerous than previous botnets.

Thus, a DDoS attack organized by such a botnet covers not only the user, but also his chain of providers. This, in turn, can create problems with access to the Internet for hundreds of thousands of users at the same time. Due to the large strength of the attack, it is necessary to spend a lot of money to protect it.

Only DDoS cloud services can handle such attacks. Otherwise, there is no question of personal security systems.

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