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What is the Clickbait?

What is the Clickbait?

Clickbait is a method used to direct visitors to content that they would not normally be interested in. The most crucial point of this method is to create an eye-catching headline. Sites often try to clickbait to get higher click-through rates.

The title and content created to implement the Clikbait method may not have anything to do with it. It’s all about getting clicks to the content. This method can increase the number of views of a particular page. However, it can negatively impact data such as time on page and bounce rate.

What is Clickbait?

Clickbait is a method used to increase the number of visitors to the site or to direct the visitor on the site to a different page. The way this method is applied is all about focusing on human curiosity. A sensational headline is created and the person’s interest is captured.

  • “Find out how Scarlett Johansson lost 10 kilos last month!”
  • “You won’t believe how many kilos Scarlett Johansson lost in a month!”
  • “Celebrity weight loss secrets are completely revealed! Here are those secrets!”
  • “Shocking details on celebrity weight loss diets!”

Three of these four titles were created with the clickbait method and one was created normally. The first title is a normal title that tells the story. In the next three titles, clickbait is in question. The main goal is to easily catch the attention of the visitor with a catchy headline.

Although clickbait is considered a useful method, it is not a quality strategy. It’s ideal for capturing people’s attention, but can reduce the quality of the site. This is because the visitor tends to leave the page in a short time after clicking on the title.

The clickbait method is used by many popular news and entertainment sites. However, these sites see the clickbait method as a valid strategy because they think that the information they provide is sufficient. Similarly, most of the social media posts are filled with clickbait.

Is Clickbait good or bad?

The goal of every site owner is to attract more visitors to the site. There are many different content marketing techniques that can be used in this respect. It is not right to say or claim that all of these content marketing methods are SEO friendly.

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Thanks to various algorithm updates, Google manages to learn more about sites than ever before. Understands the title of your site, the link structure and the narrative in the content. If there is no harmony between them, Google can lower your ranking and make things difficult for you.

  • Clickbait directly affects brand awareness. If you use very ambitious headlines to drive traffic to your site but do not provide any information to the visitor, your brand will be badly affected.
  • Clickbait directly affects the bounce rate. If the visitor enters the content and exits immediately, negative changes begin to occur in the duration of the site and the bounce rate.
  • If you use the clickbait method, your link earnings may decrease or increase. If the increase in question is generally in the form of obtaining links from poor quality sites, your site may decrease.
  • Clickbait can damage your site’s authority. If you use this method too often, you will lose reputation and visitors may be conservative about clicking when they see your links.

If you do not want to deal with such problems, you should not use the clickbait method. Even if clickbait gets you instant traffic, it can be harmful in the long run. You should also have a good understanding of your site’s current niche. The clickbait method that works in the entertainment industry may not work in different industries.

Clickbait is generally the practice of writing misleading headlines to attract clicks on a piece of content. Traffic promotion is the main goal. The claims in the content are exaggerated and important information is not emphasized. Even if it seems ideal for attracting traffic, it is received negatively in terms of visitors.

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