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What is the Deep Linking?

What is the Deep Linking?

Deep linking is redirecting a visitor to another page on the site/app instead of the home page. When the user clicks on the created deep link, he goes directly to a page located deeper. It’s the ideal way to take someone to a content or a page rather than to the home page.

What does deep linking do?

Deep linking is the process that allows a link to take the user directly to the target page instead of the home page. The link created for this process is known as a deep link. Deep linking reduces the amount of clicks a user has to make to reach a place and improves conversion rates.

The deep linking method is not limited to sites only. Deep linking is used in mobile applications, push notifications and email marketing efforts. When used in apps, the app’s screen works similarly to a site. This simplifies the transition from site to application.

For example, when a user clicks on a result while searching for a product on the search engine, they should normally arrive at a site. However, if the site has a mobile application and is installed on the user’s device, the user will be directed to the product page in the application instead of the site.

What makes the deep linking method important is its impact on user experience. Deep linking is an approach that improves conversions as it allows the user to reach a product purchase page in 1-2 clicks instead of 3-4 clicks.

What is the Deep Linking?

What is Deferred deep linking?

Deferred deep linking is a slightly more in-depth study linked to the deep linking strategy. It is critical, especially when it comes to the mobile experience. Because it is not right to expect every user to have a mobile application.

Deferred deep linking is to direct users without a mobile application to in-app targets as quickly as possible. This cannot be accomplished with the standard deep linking method. Because the standard method works if it’s an application.

  • For example, you are considering an iftar invitation in Ramadan. You found a nice recipe video for this and you watched the video until the end.
  • The creator of the video shared a link that allows you to buy the ingredients to make the food through a market application.
  • When you click on the link in question, the Google Play Store/App Store will open directly and you will be asked to download the market application.
  • After you download the Market application and create your account, you may notice that all the necessary materials are automatically added to your cart.
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This method is called deferred deep linking and gets the user the result as fast as possible. In order to use the method, the market application must have configured the system that will automatically add the materials required for the food order to the basket.

How is deep linking implemented?

Implementing the deep linking method is quite simple. You can do this in just a few steps. You should not forget that the deep linking method is a must for mobile marketing. The fewer steps a user takes to make a purchase, the more likely you are to convert and sell.

  • You must decide where to direct users who do not have a mobile application installed. Is it an app store or a landing page of the site?
  • Will users who do not have the mobile app installed be redirected to a page after installing the app? In other words, will there be deferred deep linking?
  • Where exactly will iOS users with mobile applications be directed?
  • Where exactly will Android users with mobile apps be directed?
  • Where exactly will iOS users be directed if you only have an Android app?

All these details must be taken into account when performing deep linking. You should not forget that the deep linking method is important for user interaction. If you want to use this type of strategy for your mobile app, you should have experience in creating campaigns.

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