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What is the Metaverse?

What is the Metaverse?

Metaverse is a virtual world in which all elements are interacted and connected using a series of devices. It will be like teleporting into a whole new world through virtual reality glasses and other accessories to interact with.

The term metaverse comes from a 1992 novel called ‘Snow Crash’ and is an established term to describe visions of three-dimensional or virtual workspaces. Thus, the metaverse means a virtual world that can be interacted with, created to resemble external reality.

What Does Metaverse Have to Offer?

It is thought that the metaverse, which includes many companies, including Facebook , can appeal to different concepts. The idea is to create a fully virtual universe that can be accessed with virtual reality and augmented reality devices.

The Metaverse may offer the internet’s next big evolutionary leap. Companies like Facebook have begun to create early concepts for a future achieved using virtual reality devices.

Facebook’s Metaverse

Facebook, or Meta, as it’s now called, hopes the metaverse can offer as many opportunities as the real physical world. Users entering the Metaverse can walk the streets of the city in the virtual world and buy virtual clothes, virtual cars and even a virtual land from stores.

The biggest concept Metaverse has to offer will be the ability to interact with other people’s virtual avatars. There will also be practical applications such as business meetings where everyone shares a virtual office connected from home and they do not have to worry about preparing for the meeting.

Working in the Metaverse

The Metaverse can have its own economy, thanks to a kind of virtual currency that can be bought with real money or somehow monetized with the offered interactions. It may even create employment for people in the real world in the coming years. For example, some people might be a virtual store manager, fashion designer or building architect on the metaverse.

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When Will the Metaverse Be Real?

Metaverse is a concept that is already beginning to be built. Meta company, formerly known as Facebook, presented its new idea and announced that it has invested heavily to make it a reality. But how far will other companies’ efforts to create the technologies that make this possible go?

Today’s technology does not have the technology to make this concept a reality. Virtual reality devices that allow to act as if they are inside the virtual universe are not yet widespread and all infrastructure is missing in terms of design. It is thought that new devices that try to connect to virtual reality will be released in the next few years.

Therefore, it is very difficult to be able to connect to a metaverse base that can interact. We still have to wait for the development of this virtual universe and the technology that will enable us to connect. It should also be ensured that this technology becomes affordable for everyone.

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