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What is the Pop-Up?

What is the Pop-Up?

Pop-up refers to the pop-up window that you may encounter while navigating the website. Marketers often use pop-up solutions to advertise and persuade potential customers to buy. Pop-ups are considered irritating when not used properly.

The use of pop-ups has always been controversial. When you offer a pop-up window to the visitor of your site, you will negatively affect the user experience. In some cases it can act as an important component as it can help the user.

What is pop-up?

The term popup is a term used to describe a popup window. Even though it served its purpose exactly in the beginning, when it became the center of advertising activities over time, it became unpopular and became an undesirable method.

Certain companies create a product called pop-up advertisement because it is used for pop-up advertisement purposes. Typically, this type of ad requires JavaScript to function . Since many advertising companies go overboard with pop-ups, users make an effort to block them.

Why is the use of pop-ups important?

When you use pop-ups, you have the chance to turn traffic to your site into a marketing opportunity. The pop-up window has many different uses. Whichever of these usage aspects you prefer, you generally want to ensure that they serve three different purposes:

  • Gathering e-mail subscribers: If you have a large number of visitors to your site, you may want to engage them with your brand. If you want to enable users to subscribe to e-mail by entering their information, the pop-up can be very useful.
  • Promote specific content: Instead of generating leads, you can use pop-ups to draw attention to specific content. You can highlight a comprehensive guide, an e-book, or other content you’ve just prepared.
  • Reducing bounce rate: Bounce rate is how quickly a visitor leaves your site. You can use pop-ups to direct visitors to different pages on the site and allow them to spend more time on the site.
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How should the correct pop-up use be?

You need to be careful about the use of pop-ups. If you bother users with constant pop-ups, they may not want to visit your site. For this reason, you should always try to use pop-ups at the right point for the right functions and edit at the time the window appears.

  • Use if necessary: ​​Don’t try to use the pop-up if it’s not needed. Even if it works, it’s important not to overdo it. You should only aim for a specific purpose. If visitors are interrupting while reading your content, you can show them a pop-up just as they are about to leave.
  • Do not disturb the user: User experience is one of the most important aspects of a site’s success. It is possible to use pop-ups without harming the user experience. Even if the visitor reads the content completely, you can make an additional request from them with the pop-up.
  • Pay attention to the visual : The pop-up should not be visually distracting. You should use slightly lighter tones and reflect the style of your site. Whatever the color of the link on your site, the link color in the pop-up window should be. In the design, you should try to establish an integrated structure with the site.
  • Don’t neglect mobile devices: If you want to benefit from mobile traffic, you need to use mobile-friendly pop-ups. You should not use pop-ups specific to the desktop version of your site and perform the necessary optimization for mobile.

There is no one-size-fits-all strategy for pop-up use. You should test everything and try to find the right approach. The important thing is to make a request from them without disturbing the users. If you want your pop-up strategy to work, you have no choice.

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