XPG Announces CASTER Series DDR5 RAM Family

XPG Announces CASTER Series DDR5 RAM Family

The brand’s new generation DDR5 memory modules push the speed limit of 7000MT/s. Details on the new generation XPG Caster series rams are in our article…

XPG, which produces ready-made systems, components and peripherals for gamers, esports players and technology enthusiasts, announced its new generation XPG CASTER DDR5 RAM family. CASTER memories, which also have an RGB illuminated version, can reach speeds of 7000MT (megatransfer) per second. Equipped with built-in Error Correcting Code (ECC) and Integrated Power Management Circuit (PMIC) technologies for improved operating stability and reliability, the product offers a capacity of up to 16GB.

Unrivaled Performance

XPG CASTER memories, which are twice as fast as standard DDR4 memories, can reach 7000MT/s. This dizzying speed provides users with a flawless and superior performance. Thanks to the Intel XMP 3.0 support that comes with the new generation memory, the overclocking process continues to be extremely simple for XPG users. This allows users to achieve optimal performance boosts without having to manually change complex BIOS settings one by one.

In addition, the XPG CASTER series has built-in Error Correction Code (ECC) that gives it real-time error correction capability and Integrated Power Management Circuit (PMIC) technologies that ensure more stable operation.

XPG Announces CASTER Series DDR5 RAM Family

Design from the Future

The XPG CASTER series comes in two different models with and without RGB lighting. Both models have a futuristic style that evokes a sense of speed and refinement, thanks to their gray passive coolers and modern-looking shapes. The CASTER RGB model, on the other hand, offers users a sparkling image with RGB lighting and gives them the chance to reflect their style on their gaming systems. Users can customize RGB lighting effects with XPG’s RGB Sync software or with software from leading motherboard manufacturers.

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In addition to the XPG CASTER series, the brand is preparing to introduce XPG HUNTER DDR5 RAM model to users. The new HUNTER model, which is the renewed version of the HUNTER DDR4 memory model, will come with a renewed heatsink design and an improved performance that can reach 5200MT/s.

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