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CD Projekt Red Explains The Choice Of Unreal Engine 5 For The New The Witcher

CD Projekt Red Explains The Choice Of Unreal Engine 5 For The New The Witcher
CD Projekt Red , as part of the State of Unreal presentation, spoke about the reasons for choosing Unreal Engine 5 for the new The Witcher .
According to the developers, they were attracted to the engine by a desire to focus on supporting the open world. Jason Slama , game director of the new The Witcher , admitted that he was impressed by last year’s Quixel tech demo, which showed a medieval environment on Unreal Engine 4.
CD Projekt Red noted that creating games in the open world needs a stable platform that would allow changes to be made that do not entail additional technical problems.

Unreal Engine helps you quickly create beautiful and realistic environments. It is a flexible engine with a whole range of different tools that allow teams around the world not only to work in comfort, but also to try something new.
The partnership of CD Projekt Red with Epic Games will help to reach new heights. Together, the companies plan to “engage in the technical development of Unreal Engine 5 and, if required, potential future versions of the Unreal Engine.”
Recall that today Epic Games  released  Unreal Engine 5 along with two free projects. It also became known that Crystal Dynamics has joined  the large list of developers creating games on this engine with the new part of  Tomb Raider.

Tech-demo that impressed the game director of the new The Witcher


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