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Illaoi and Rengar have been reworked in the latest League of Legends patch

Illaoi and Rengar have been reworked in the latest League of Legends patch

Riot Games has released an update for League of Legends . The developers have worked on several characters. In particular, Illaoi’s leap of faith has been changed – now she turns in the direction of the cursor when the ability is activated. Rengar has been significantly reworked.

Revamped Rengar abilities:

  • Invisible Predator (Passive Skill): New Rage, Jumping, and Teeth Necklaces have been introduced and a new Rage bar has been added.
  • Savagery [Q]: Supported basic attacks have become critical. Damage depends on the chance of a critical hit. The player can deal additional damage to towers, but not to plants.
  • Throw Bola [E]: cast instantly while jumping; assumes true vision and normal vision around the target.
  • Thrill of the Hunt [R]: Provides normal vision around the target.

For example, Azir received an increase in health, and Darius received an increase in the base damage of the Noxian Guillotine. Hecarim has received a reduction in the base damage of Rampage and Destructive Charge at high skill levels. Jax has had his health and base damage of Buff increased.

Tryndamere had the cooldown of Whirlwind Strike on critical hits reduced and the cooldown of Enduring Fury increased. The changes also affected Nidalee: the mana costs of the Trap and the Call of the Ancestors were reduced, but the range of application, as well as the radius of damage of the Jump, were increased.

Also available in the store on March 31st are Riven’s Ultra Battle Bunny, Miss Fortune’s Battle Bunny, Vayne’s Battle Bat, Silas’ Battle Wolf, and Jinx’s Battle Cat skins (Regular and Prestige Edition).

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