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The game for profit. Impressions from MIR4

The game for profit. Impressions from MIR4

The world of Korean MMORPGs is multifaceted, but at the same time there is an opinion: played one, then everything. MIR4 appeared in our area in August 2021, became successful on mobile platforms and popular on Steam largely due to its attachment to cryptocurrency. Let’s try to answer a few questions: is there any point in spending thousands of hours here and is it possible to make real money.

The game for profit. Impressions from MIR4


South Korean studio WeMade has been involved in massively multiplayer online role-playing games since 2000 and is best known for its The Legend of Mir series. Moreover, the previous third part came out back in 2004.

MIR4 has attracted attention since its announcement due to its interesting features. The developers promised a cross-platform release on mobile devices with iOS and Android, a port on a PC, availability in 170 countries, support for 12 languages, chat translation and, most importantly, the presence of blockchain technology. That is, digital items can be converted into cryptographic NFT tokens and exchanged for money. The system has acquired the name “pay-to-earn”, although “pay-to-win” and “gacha” have not been canceled here either. It is understood that spending is at the same time an investment.

The game for profit. Impressions from MIR4


The most important distinguishing feature of the game is the partial automation of the passage. Autobattle (useful in farming, but useless on difficult opponents and bosses), auto-gathering of resources and auto-completion of tasks will partly replace manual gameplay and are suitable for those who are ready to be distracted by the game, and not spend all their free or any other time. MIR4 can be in an inactive window, for example, on Steam, or play itself on your smartphone while you are busy with more important things.

The storyline continues with The Legend of MIR3, which was closed in February 2012. The player will play the role of a student of the archmage Sarmati, guarding the princess, and will save the noble girl after being kidnapped. But the plot is just a small seasoning for the main dish: pumping everything, mining hundreds of components and resources. As in all Korean MMORPGs, the basis is furious grind.

The game will start by choosing a character class. It is important and implies a certain gameplay. In December 2021, there are five classes and everyone is tied to the floor: a two-handed warrior is a Sword Master, a beautiful sorceress is a Sorcerer, a healer girl is a Battlemage, a spearman is a Slasher and a hunter is a Crossbowman. All characters are well balanced, but in practice there is a bias towards Sorceresses due to their visual appeal.


The game for profit. Impressions from MIR4

MIR4 is huge, but it’s worth paying attention to the plot and leveling first to unlock all areas and opportunities. After all, for example, from the 20th the character will learn to ride a mount, and on the 40th he will be able to trade. The goal is to hunt for higher numbers of characteristics, completing an endless number of missions, including daily ones, and killing monsters that constantly appear in the meadows. Everything is according to the canons of the ancestors.

A diligent player will spend several hours a day completing daily tasks, and then send the character to a suitable location in autoboy or auto-mining mode. In the first case, it is desirable to maintain a high level of vivacity – the characteristic affects the acquisition of experience and is replenished with special items or collection, prey and meditation.

Skills are unlocked upon reaching a certain level and assigned to slots for use in battle, and then pumped over for resources. There are enough other goals for improvement in the menu: Codex, Feats, Secrets.


The game for profit. Impressions from MIR4

During battles, be sure to monitor the presence of bottles of health and mana. With a gradual increase in complexity, you cannot do without them.

Naturally, there are boss raids, a clan system, clan wars for territory with rewards in the form of resources, clan shops, PvP, a karma system, PK-shniki (killers of other players).

For a 2021 mobile game, MIR4 is pretty pretty. Of course, to a player unaccustomed to this kind of projects, it will seem that the screen is too loaded with information and inscriptions, but everything is done compactly. Models of characters and monsters are well detailed, many attractive effects.

The game for profit. Impressions from MIR4


The game was tested on the budget Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite (released in April 2021, 6 GB of RAM, Qualcomm Snapdragon 732G processor, Adreno 618 graphics accelerator) and the smartphone had a hard time – the frame rate drops were felt even at low graphics settings. The control over the character is good, but high jumps and flying in the air work disgustingly.

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In the PC version, the controls are better, but the graphics on the big screen are not impressive. And even if we close our eyes to it, the developers did not bother to redesign the interface. Everything that you see on the screen of your smartphone or tablet, including the useless virtual stick, is exactly transferred to the Steam version. There is a binding of icons to keyboard buttons, but it looks like disrespect for the player.

The game for profit. Impressions from MIR4


I am glad that there is no aggressive advertising of in-game goods in the interface. But the store has a huge selection of items for every taste and wallet, including pumping boosters, currency, dark steel, scrolls, power stones, and so on. If you want to appear in the top players, then it is advisable to take advantage of the advantages and play 24-on-7. If you plan on just indulging, then you have to get used to the discomfort.

Interestingly, the developers officially allow four windows to play: one on Steam, two on the official client, and one on a smartphone. It is worth noting that the Steam version, according to the terms of the platform, is not tied to cryptocurrency and money withdrawal.

And now about making real money. The game has a resource “Dark Steel”, which after level 40 can be exchanged for Draco tokens. This metal is needed for crafting and upgrades. The rate varies, but roughly corresponds to the value of “100 thousand dark steel to 1 Draco”. Draco can be converted into currency and transferred to a card through complex manipulations. The cost of the Draco coin is changing – at the end of August 2021 (immediately after the start) it reached $ 28, at the end of September it fell to $ 0.4, then in October it rose to $ 7.8, and in mid-December it is estimated at about 0. $ 45.


Trading in the in-game market will start at level 40. Goods and resources are sold for gold coins, which can later be exchanged for dark steel and converted into Draco.

The game for profit. Impressions from MIR4


Of course, some people managed to make money on this (and, perhaps, still have time), since, ideally, one character can mine from 100 to 400 thousand dark steel per day, but requires attention. MIR4 was instantly flooded with bots that simply knock the mining player off the resource and start mining themselves. Hackers even managed to multiply dark steel, and Draco’s market price collapsed. The developers regularly arrange witch hunts and temporarily expel some of the cheaters from the game. But others are taking their place.

Also announced the Character NFT system, which will allow characters and special things to exist without being tied to the original account.


The game for profit. Impressions from MIR4

The game for profit. Impressions from MIR4  Analysis

MIR4 can be called one of the most beautiful mobile games in recent years. Mobile, but not PCs. It has good graphics, animation, special effects, dynamic battles, beautiful characters. It attracts with cross-platform, automation, branching development system and many tasks. The game gives the illusory hope that your character is more than a few megabytes of information, and is of real value.

Otherwise, this is a common shareware mobile multiplayer role-playing game with an emphasis on grinding and constant injection of money. A player who is not ready for these two points hardly has a serious chance of getting into the top server.

For a sophisticated gamer, the MIR4 gameplay is unlikely to be valuable in any element – familiar mechanics, brutal donation, viewing ads for awards, an abundance of cheaters and bots, and, as a result, a vague future.

At the time of publication of the article (December 2021), it is unrealistic to try to make money. As a rule, heaps of cherished dark steel will be occupied by bots, which are difficult to fight. The currency of the game on the stock exchange is depreciated and it is unlikely that efforts will offset the costs of even electricity. But there are a lot of stories on the network that at the start and a little later, the players and clans who found their way in time managed to improve their financial situation.

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